Pediatric Dentistry in Clovis, CA


Not many people are enthusiastic about going to the dentist, especially very young children. Younger children may experience anxiety about going. Fortunately, our dentists have a lot of experience with providing pediatric dental services.

When Should You Take Your Child to a Dentist?

If you have a child, you should take them to a dentist as soon as their teeth start emerging. Many parents wait until their kids are four or five before taking them to a dentist, but that can be too late. By five years old, your child’s teeth will start changing due to the loss of baby teeth.

Our dentists at Valley Dental and Orthodontics will keep tabs on the progression of your child’s teeth as they emerge. If kids have crooked teeth, tooth decay, or other issues with their baby teeth, their emerging adult teeth can develop those same issues. Our pediatric dentists near you can prepare for these issues and help prevent them by using preventive measures or treat them accordingly before problems occur.

Why Expertise Matters

At Valley Dental and Orthodontics, our dentists are experienced at putting kids at ease when they are scared. They can also handle kids who might be disruptive or who have different physical or behavioral issues.

One of the primary responsibilities of a dentist treating children is to put them at ease if they are anxious while in the dental chair. This responsibility is why our dentists in Clovis, CA, do not use adult instruments on young patients. Instead, they invest in children’s dental instruments because they fit better in their mouths and help put kids at ease.

If you have children, you should look for dentists who are experienced in handling pediatric patients near you. At Valley Dental and Orthodontics, the atmosphere is kid-friendly and helps relax children so that the dentist can give them a healthy smile.