Oral Surgery in Clovis, CA


Oral surgery in Clovis, CA, is often a part of many dental procedures, such as root canals, embedding dental implants, or removing wisdom teeth. Dental surgeries take place in and around the mouth by dentists within their specialties. However, general dentists may also perform surgeries when they extract and replace teeth with implants.

Surgeries by General Dentists

Normally general dentists don’t do surgeries, but they may do surgical tooth extractions. If the procedure is more complex, for instance, reconstruction of the jaw, they will refer the patient to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

However, some general dentists have the training and experience to do surgeries in their offices. At Valley Dental & Orthodontics, our dentists have the training to embed dental implants and do bone grafting if necessary so that the jaw can support the implants. They can also do tissue grafting to cover teeth roots after exposure due to gum disease.

Understand the Procedure

When our dentists near you bring up the procedure, ask all the questions that come to mind so you have a complete understanding of the surgery. The more you know, the less apt you are to feel anxious about what will happen.

Ask About the Anesthesia

If intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia will be used, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything, including water, for at least eight hours before surgery. Also, do not smoke 12 hours before and at least 24 hours after the surgery.

If a local anesthetic will be used, the dentist may allow a light meal about two hours before the procedure. Brush and floss before the treatment, but don’t swallow anything. Also, wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you feel relaxed throughout the time you’re in the chair. If you need oral surgery, follow these suggestions to help you have a good experience and prevent complications.