What to Look for When Getting Dental Implants?

What to Look for When Getting Dental Implants?
October 1, 2022

Have you lost your natural teeth and are looking for replacement options to close the gaps between your smile? You might hear various suggestions made by everyone around you that different techniques can help replace the lost teeth making you wonder which solution might suit your needs the best.

You can consider searching the Internet for replacement solutions for the missing teeth. However, you will likely confuse yourself further because website information is often biased toward one product, depending on what you are looking for. You might even express surprise when you notice advertisements promising same-day teeth in Clovis, CA, to function as replacements for the teeth you lost.

Replacing missing teeth in a day is not a challenge because dentistry advances now make it possible to receive dental implants and artificial teeth on the same day of the procedure, making you think getting dental implants is the most convenient and comfortable option next to having a slice of pizza or your favorite steak. However, before you make up your mind on any therapeutic method for your missing teeth, you must try to help yourself by scheduling an appointment with the dental office in Clovis, CA, to determine whether dental implants suit your situation or whether you are eligible for these restorative options. In addition, the meeting with the dental office enables you to learn more about dental implants and what you should consider about them before thinking of replacing missing teeth with this excellent solution.

Which Type of Dental Implants Are the Best?

You might be surprised when you visit the Clovis dental office to inquire about which type of dental implant you can have in your mouth. The dental office provides information that three dental implant techniques help dentists to provide solutions for missing teeth. The varieties include endosteal, subperiosteal and zygomatic.

  • The endosteal technique is considered the best and the safest, involving the placement of implants into your jawbone. Unfortunately, the process requires the longest healing time, around three to six months.
  • Subperiosteal implants rest on top of your jawbone with a metal frame going under the gums having posts and fake teeth attached. The healing process for subperiosteal implants is approximately one to three months.
  • Zygomatic implants are the most complicated while being the best alternative. These implants are set into your cheekbones instead of your jawbone or gums. These implants require two to four months to heal and last approximately 12 years.

After receiving information about different dental implants near me, you might wonder which solution suits your needs the best. Instead of trying to select an option for yourself, you find it beneficial to seek help from the professionals in the dental office to determine which implants are suitable for your mouth. However, when getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you can consider the following points.

  • Consider Dental Implant Costs: Getting dental implants is unlike buying groceries in a convenience store. A single implant costs approximately $ 6000, and most dental insurance providers do not cover the replacement procedure. However, some offer partial reimbursement for the replacements, making it essential to prepare yourself for considerable investments in tooth replacement solutions.
  • The Dental Implant Procedure: the implant placement procedure is intensive. It needs surgery in the mouth to remove damaged or decayed teeth before preparing for jawbone grafting if required and later inserting the implants into your jawbone. You must wait until the implant fuses with your body before you can have your artificial teeth over it to close the gap in your smile. For aesthetic purposes, the dental office provides you with temporary teeth. However, they need replacements later after you have recovered from dental implant placement.
  • Dentist’s Experience: the experience of the professional providing the dental implants is of utmost importance because they must have adequate knowledge and reputation for delivering implants to many people with successful outcomes. It would help if you did not rush into the treatment without verifying the professional’s credentials to ensure you receive artificial teeth appearing and functioning like your natural teeth and remaining with you for life from the chosen professional.
  • Understand Pros and Cons: Getting dental implants has pros and cons similar to other surgical procedures. The risks with dental implants are rare but can occur if you aren’t careful with them after placement. Therefore, depending on which teeth you want to be replaced, you must inquire about the pros and cons of each dental implement and its location in your jawbone. You cannot afford to remain in the dark about any complications you might confront after receiving the implants that might make you susceptible to additional treatments from dentists to complicate your treatment.
  • Improve Dental Hygiene Practices: You must review your dental hygiene practices and look forward to improving them before getting dental implants. Successful dental implants depend on excellent dental hygiene. Therefore discuss your oral and general health and any medications you take with the provider and inquire about the best practices to keep your dental implants and teeth in optimal condition. In addition, you might have to refrain from smoking or quit the habit altogether if you intend to have dental implants for your missing teeth. Smoking and tobacco products are the leading causes of dental implant failure because they contribute to gum disease.

You must also maintain frequent visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings before and after getting dental implants. Most importantly, consider the factors mentioned above before thinking of getting dental implants for your missing teeth.

Valley Dental & Orthodontics provides dental implants in Clovis and satisfies all the requirements mentioned in this article for you to receive implants confidently from them. Consider scheduling an appointment with them today to begin your procedure of getting replacement teeth in your mouth at the earliest.