What Happens When You Ignore Tooth Loss?

What Happens When You Ignore Tooth Loss?
February 7, 2022

Tooth loss is common among adults who start with 32 teeth but have merely 20 by age 50. If you are among the many with missing teeth because it doesn’t impact your appearance or cause embarrassment when smiling, you probably consider tooth loss inconsequential. However, are you aware losing even a single tooth is often the beginning of severe dental problems? If not, we suggest you read this article to understand the consequences of your ignorance.

What Are the Side Effects of Missing Teeth?

If you think tooth loss is a minor issue, you will probably express shock at the information provided in this article. Let us give you the consequences of ignoring your missing teeth.

Enhanced Gum Disease Risk

Your edentulous socket remaining empty becomes a favored spot for food particles to stay trapped and remain in the mouth. As a result, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to accumulate and multiply. In addition, the tooth socket may be tender to cause you to skip brushing over the spot when cleaning your teeth. The conditions are favorable for gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. Left untreated, gum disease progresses to periodontal disease, a progressive condition putting you at risk of losing more teeth. Gum disease is also associated with other severe health issues like heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and diabetes.

Challenges When Chewing and Eating

When you have missing teeth, you begin developing toothaches, bite your tongue, or have food particles trapped in the vacant gap. You tend to ignore the socket and start chewing on one side of your mouth. You will also try to adjust your bite abnormally. The conditions can lead to TMJ disorders. The challenges you encounter can also make you change your diet to avoid discomfort. In such cases, you may eliminate nourishing foods with nutrients and essential proteins elements your body needs to result in malnourishment and health problems.

Changes In Your Appearance

The appearance of your face depends on the structure underneath the skin. The contours of your face are determined by your jawbone, cheekbones, skull, and cheeks. In such cases, you must have your face restored by getting replacement teeth from general dentistry in Clovis, CA, if you wish to prevent further problems.

Impact Your Surrounding Teeth

Your mouth works better when different parts of your oral cavity work together. However, missing teeth cause a breakdown of the system because it results in your teeth shifting towards the missing tooth gap. Your remaining teeth try to fill the gap to give you a bad bite and result in crooked teeth besides painful chewing.

Jawbone Resorption

Jawbone deterioration is another consequence of missing teeth. Your jawbone begins to deteriorate because it doesn’t receive the stimulation it needs from the chewing forces helping it to stimulate the nerves and regenerate cells. The lack of inspiration encourages your body to absorb the bone, and in severe cases, jawbone loss is challenging to recover.

Now that you understand the consequences of tooth loss, would you still consider leaving the issue untreated in your mouth? We think you will start thinking differently and looking for teeth replacement solutions to safeguard yourself from your problems.

How to Resolve Missing Teeth?

When you have missing teeth in your mouth and begin searching for resolving the problem, the optimal professional willing to help you is the dentist near you with knowledge about different techniques to fix missing teeth issues. Scheduling a consultation with the dentist enables you to determine which solution is best to resolve the problem with missing teeth.

The dental clinic in Clovis offers you various remedies for replacing missing teeth after evaluating your oral and physical health besides your circumstances and commitment to replace your lost teeth. Currently, you have different tooth replacement solutions in dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. All treatments are different but help restore your face and your oral health by getting the best-suited tooth replacement solution according to your specific needs.

If you are in optimal physical and oral health and are committed to replacing your teeth, the Clovis dentist recommends dental implants as the best solution. However, dental implants require surgery and months of healing time besides considerable expenditure if you wish to have natural-looking artificial teeth. On the other hand, if you are working on a constrained budget and are not willing to undergo surgery, you can have dental bridges to replace your lost teeth. Finally, if you want an affordable option to battle against the consequences of tooth loss, currently, you can consider dentures as a suitable remedy.

Before making your choice for any replacement solution to resolve the issues you encounter, we suggest you schedule an appointment with Valley Dental & Orthodontics, providing you with excellent remedies to improve your quality of life.