Significant Differences between Periodontists and Dentists

Significant Differences between Periodontists and Dentists
January 1, 2022

Would it surprise you if informed periodontists are dentists, but the same doesn’t hold good for general dentists? If you aren’t aware of the differences between the two, we are breaking them down in this article to give you a clear understanding of what dentists and periodontists are. We will also explain why you need to visit periodontal specialists like Valley Dental & Orthodontics in some dental situations.

If you are diligent with your dental hygiene regimen, you undoubtedly would have information about what dentists are. Therefore this article focuses on what differentiates a periodontist from a dentist. We hope to make you understand the differences between the two professionals specializing in different areas of dentistry.

Distinctions between Periodontists and General Dentists

The American Dental Association clarifies that periodontists are experts in preventing, diagnosing, and treating periodontal gum disease and dental implant placements. Although the dentist near me provides gum-related assistance, they cannot call themselves periodontists.

Periodontics is recognized as one of the ten unique areas of dentistry. When trying to become a periodontist or in any other field of dentistry, dentists must acquire additional training and education after dental school. Would you like to know how a dentist becomes a periodontist?

Dentists must initially earn an undergraduate and dental degree. To proceed further to become periodontists, dentists must acquire an additional two to three years of education in periodontics after completing four years in dental school. When gaining additional education, periodontists learn about surgical and nonsurgical procedures, dental implant placement, periodontal treatment, et cetera. They are the specialists you must see if you need dental implants, gum grafting surgery, or treatment for gum disease.

Should You See a General Dentist before a Periodontist?

You must see your dentist every six months for routine exams and cleanings. During your visit, if your dentist detects signs of gum disease, they may initially offer gum disease treatment themselves. However, if your situation has progressed to advanced levels beyond the experience of the general dentist, they refer you to the dentist in Clovis, CA, to receive specialized treatment.

Periodontists are highly qualified dentists for treating gum disease and providing services related to soft tissue and bone supporting your teeth and jaw. Periodontists focus on their practice providing specialized care because they are significantly more experienced in these treatments to help make your experience comfortable.

Many general dentists are providing a minimal level of periodontal care. However, they do not hesitate to refer patients to periodontics in Clovis, CA; if they cannot offer the treatments you need, or your situation is difficult for their education and work experience. In addition, dentists seek a reliable second opinion when they are unable to keep your gum disease under control.

You might find it intimidating visiting a new dentist if referred to the Clovis periodontist. However, rest assured the referral is in your best interest. The professional may surprise you by providing comfortable, quick, and pain-free periodontal therapies using advanced technology in periodontics.

What Procedures Do Periodontists Perform?

Periodontists are acknowledged and best-known for treating gum disease. Gum disease appears insignificant during the initial stages as it only causes some bleeding in your gums when brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, it is a severe condition that can develop into oral and overall health issues if left untreated. Advanced periodontal disease also makes you susceptible to health problems like strokes and heart disease.

Although periodontists don’t treat strokes and heart disease, they can perform gum disease treatments such as nonsurgical treatments, periodontal surgery, scaling and root planing, periodontal therapy, et cetera. Periodontists are also the experts in dental implant placements and wisdom tooth extractions.

How Does a Periodontist Differ from a Dentist?

Periodontists are dentists with specialized training and knowledge in periodontics. Their expertise is in treating issues like gum disease affecting the bone and tissue surrounding your teeth to provide the highest level of care needed to restore your gum health and prevent tooth loss. Dentists also offer high-quality services to help you maintain your dental health in optimal condition and to avoid tooth loss as best possible. However, if you are affected by severe periodontal disease, they undoubtedly refer you to the Clovis dentist, a qualified periodontist, for treatment because they are the experts in periodontology. The referral assures you to get high-quality treatment to overcome the preventable infection you allowed to develop in your mouth.