Is There an Age Limit for Pediatric Dentists?

Is There an Age Limit for Pediatric Dentists?
March 1, 2022

Many changes occur in the child’s mouth as he/she grows. All children must see a dentist every six months to ensure that their teeth grow the way they should. Getting the best dental care makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Decay in infant’s teeth increases tooth decay in the permanent teeth. When it is more severe, dental caries can also impact the overall health of the kid. Parents sometimes forget that the initial visit of their infant to the pediatric dentist is essential.

Pediatric dentists in Clovis, CA are well trained and certified to handle all issues related to children. They can take care of the gums, mouth, and teeth of your kid throughout their diverse childhood stages. The specialist evaluates the teeth of your kid that they already have. They will also provide helpful tips to parents to take care of their kids properly.

Why Take Your Kid to a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dental professionals perform the following functions:

Dental Sealants

They are a protective covering on your child’s teeth to stop tooth decay.

Sedation Dentistry

This dentistry service lets your little one get rid of dental phobia and have a relaxed dental visit.

Infant Oral Care

A pediatric dentist assists your kid as the first teeth erupt.


These experts also provide orthodontic treatments to shift the teeth to their desired position.

Composite Dental Fillings

These are fillings the same as the color of your natural teeth.

​At What Age Do Kids Normally Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

Proper caring of baby teeth is vital because it serves many essential functionings. It helps with speech development, proper building up of permanent teeth, fosters nutrition, etc.

A pediatric dentist usually sees kids from 6 months old till their adult teeth occur. Children will continue to develop adult teeth till they become 12 or 13 years old.

We recommend parents schedule pediatric appointments for their kids not later than six months after their first tooth erupts. As your little one matures, they will set up a great bond with the pediatric dentist.

Most parents take their children to visit a pediatric dentist even in their teenage years. They will answer all queries that your kid may have about oral care.

They will also give educational materials to help you care for their young gums and teeth. These specialists will also make recommendations for orthodontics if the teeth need to move in the right position.

​Are Teenagers Too Old for Pediatric Dentistry?

As your kid gets mature and reaches their teenage years, you might be wondering whether it’s a good idea to continue taking them to a pediatric dental expert or not. Well, the answer is – “Yes.”

Although children must transition to an adult dental professional when they reach 18 years old because it will be better suitable to cope with all adult dental problems, a pediatric dentist has in-depth knowledge about oral history.

These experts will help your kid in ways that a new dentist near you cannot. They will also offer him/her the customized care your kid wants. Some kids switch to a regular dentist when they turn 18 while others prefer to stay with the pediatric dentist throughout their college years.

So, it all relies on the unique needs of your kid, overall dental health, and behavior. Therefore, continue to offer your little one dental care as long as you feel it is essential.

How to Know When to Make the Transition?

When your kid tells you to visit an adult dentist. It’s a sign that signifies – make your transition. So, have a conversation as your little one reaches their teen years. It will help you to watch out if they still want to see the pediatric dentist or not.

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Baby teeth are as essential as adult teeth. Pediatric dental experts do not have any set age limit for their practice. Rather they allow each kid to decide when they are ready to move to standard dental practice.

It is advantageous to children till they turn into an adult. They use a fun approach to make an enjoyable visit for you and your little one. To know more, visit Valley Dental & Orthodontics now.