Is Neurotoxin Considered Anti-aging?

Is Neurotoxin Considered Anti-aging?
May 5, 2022

The appearance of fine lines and crows feet around the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead concern many people, young and old alike. Neurotoxin in Clovis, CA, provides Neurotoxin injections to help people get rid of the fine lines by relaxing facial muscles and temporarily paralyzing them. The results delivered by Neurotoxin injections have encouraged many people to inquire whether Neurotoxin is an anti-aging treatment that helps prevent advances of age.

What is Neurotoxin?

Botulinum toxin type A, marketed for over two decades, is commonly known as Neurotoxin that, helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles resulting from facial expressions. The toxin temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles to cause a reduction of wrinkles or fine lines visible on the face.

Patients in their 20s and 30s are considered ideal candidates for Neurotoxin treatments, especially if they have an expressive face with lines on them.

Unfortunately, Neurotoxin doesn’t work on static lines developing by aging, which need more intensive treatments from dermatologists to remove the wrinkles on their faces altogether.

How Are Neurotoxin Treatments Provided?

Neurotoxin treatments provided by the dentist in Clovis are pretty straightforward and merely require a consultation with the professional before you receive your first treatment. The conversation helps address your expectations from the treatment and allows you to discuss possible side effects and complications of Neurotoxin treatments.

The dentist near me advises you to lie down and relax during your treatment appointment. They may also ask you to make facial expressions like raising or furrowing your eyebrows. The facial expressions help the provider observe your facial muscles and fine lines. In addition, it allows the provider to aim the injections precisely.

After administration of the injections, you notice bumps at the injection site for the first 30 to 60 minutes. However, you are advised by the provider to keep your face upright for at least four hours and refrain from exercising to allow the Neurotoxin to remain at the injection site.

Expectations from Neurotoxin Treatments

You recover quickly after receiving Neurotoxin injections. Within about 30 minutes, the bumps you notice at the injection site start subsiding. However, you must avoid strenuous exercise and refrain from lying down for a few hours to allow the injections to set. In addition, you might experience some bruising after receiving the treatment.

Neurotoxin functions to relax your facial muscles in approximately four to seven days after the treatment. As a result, you will notice muscle tightness in the days following your treatment, and your fine lines appear less prominent. However, the effects of Neurotoxin are not permanent.

Most patients notice the results of Neurotoxin disappearing after 12 weeks. While lifestyle changes are not needed after receiving Neurotoxin injections, you might want to schedule touch-up appointments with the provider after every three months.

How Do Neurotoxin Treatments Help You?

When you start Neurotoxin treatments early between 20 and 25, you will likely need less Neurotoxin later. However, the concept of ‘preventative Neurotoxin’ is relatively new and sufficient information isn’t available with the medical fraternity on how long Neurotoxin can prevent wrinkles and keep them from reappearing. As the results are not permanent, you might need to continue treatments to prevent the wrinkles from showing up, similar to any other type of Neurotoxin treatment.

However, you help yourself if you don’t consider Neurotoxin treatments as an anti-aging remedy that will reverse the natural process of aging. Neurotoxin treatments merely reduce expression lines that appear on the forehead and around the eyes due to repeated expressions without challenging the natural aging process of the body. In reality, no discovery has been made until this moment to reverse the aging process and making any claims of Neurotoxin being an anti-ageing remedy is entirely misleading.

Older patients can also receive Neurotoxin treatments to reduce fine lines around their eyes. However, they might not notice significant differences in their treatments from consulting specialists in the field. In addition, older patients undoubtedly see minor improvements because Neurotoxin doesn’t have any effect on static lines they might have developed due to the aging process.

The information provided above doesn’t indicate Neurotoxin is merely suitable for young adults but indicates the situations where Neurotoxin delivers excellent results. Therefore your best chance of succeeding with Neurotoxin treatments is when the creases on your face result from expressions and not aging.

Valley Dental & Orthodontics provides Neurotoxin treatments in Clovis. Please schedule an appointment with them if you want to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet around your eyes.