Do You Need Same-Day Dental Implants?

Do You Need Same-Day Dental Implants?
August 1, 2022

After losing your natural teeth or having one extracted, you find it challenging to endure the embarrassment of displaying gaps between your teeth. You wonder whether any mechanism helps you close the gap on the same day of tooth loss.

Getting same-day teeth in Clovis, CA, is not a challenge, but it is indeed possible to achieve your goal of having replacement teeth on the day you lose your natural tooth.

Same-Day Dental Implants Explained

Same-Day dental implants are an option against the most significant problem for getting dental implants and the many weeks or months it takes to get your artificial tooth. As the name implies, you can get your implants immediately after extracting your unhealthy teeth. Unfortunately, these implants are not suitable for everyone. Therefore let us discuss how the procedure benefits you, what it is like and what it costs.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Dental Implants?

When you decide to get, dental implants to replace your missing teeth by undergoing surgery and having titanium posts embedded into your jawbone and allowing the implant to fuse with your jawbone before new teeth are mounted on the abutment. The implant needs 3 to 6 months to complete osseointegration, the process when it merges with your bone. It indicates you will display the gap in your mouth you must wait to recover before having new dental crowns. Although the procedure requires more time, it might be the best option for your specific situation.

Same-Day Dental Implant Procedure

The same-day dental implant procedure is similar to getting traditional dental implants. However, the implants embedded in the jawbone are unlike conventional implants. If you decide on same-day implants, the procedure begins by consulting the dentist in Clovis to examine the integrity of your jawbone and the placement of the implants. If you have an inadequate jawbone, you might require bone augmentation or sinus lifts before getting the implants. Not every patient is recommended same-day implants by the Clovis dentist.

If you are eligible for same-day implants, you must undergo surgery for implant placement when the dentist near me gives you sedation for relaxation for injecting anesthesia in the mouth or pain management. If you need teeth extracted, the dentist removes them before thoroughly cleaning your mouth. The dentist drills holes in the jawbone for dental implant placement. Finally, they clean your mouth, and the incisions receive sutures.

After dental implant placement, the dentist fits an abutment to hold your new teeth. If your dental implant is unstable, the dentist leaves the abutment uncapped to ensure you recover without damaging the bone beneath. You receive a recommendation from the dentist to have an over-denture to fit over the abutment. However, the overdenture requires replacement in a few months to receive permanent caps.

After your dental implant placement surgery, you begin your recovery procedure and can go through your regular activities with minimal changes. However, you must consider your diet and dental hygiene because they are essential to ensure your placement acquires the stability needed. Therefore you must refrain from trying to bite an Apple soon after the implant placement. Six months later, you revisit the dentist to confirm whether your same-day dental implant has healed correctly and the teeth fit well.

How Much Do Same-Day Dental Implants Cost?

Same-day dental implants are not the most affordable tooth replacement solutions and can set you back considerably when considering them. If you want immediate load implants, you might have to shell out $ 4000-$ 5000. The mini dental implant costs around $ 500-$ 1500. Traditional dental implants cost around $ 1500-$ 6000. Dental insurers don’t cover tooth replacements with dental implants, making you responsible for a significant portion of the costs.

Besides the costs of dental implants, you must also pay for your dentist’s appointments and any equipment used before and during your surgery. However, if you minimize the time spent at the dental office, you can reduce some of the recognition.

Getting same-day dental implants in Clovis is not a challenge when you visit Valley Dental & Orthodontics, providing this solution if you are eligible for the treatment. However, please do not assume you can start using your artificial teeth immediately after dental implant placement. It would help if you allowed the implants to fuse with your jawbone before they provide full functionality to your artificial teeth. However, as you are concerned about displaying the gaps between your teeth, you can have same-day implants with artificial teeth that appear similar to your natural teeth without full functionality until you recover.