Cosmetic Dentistry - Improves Appearance of Your Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry – Improves Appearance of Your Teeth
September 1, 2021

If you have aesthetic dental issues affecting your smile, rest assured cosmetic dentistry in Clovis has solutions to correct the problem. Whether the dental problem affecting you is chipped or broken teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, or missing teeth, you can have your dental imperfections corrected by visiting the Clovis dentist to improve their appearance in one of several visits to the dentist.

Practitioners of cosmetic dentistry are qualified dental professionals who care for your oral health while enhancing the appearance of your teeth and smile. Do not assume cosmetic dentistry near me provides superficial treatments needing treatment appointments with the dentist for improvements because the professional exercises caution to ensure your oral health improves with the cosmetic treatments you avail from them.

In some cases, you may require repeat visits to the dentist if you selected treatments like teeth whitening to brighten your teeth and benefit your smile because your teeth can discolor from the foods and beverages you have or other habits like smoking. However, if you refrain from having staining foods and quit smoking while maintaining your dental hygiene excellently, the visits become less frequent, leaving you free from the recurrent expenditure.

What Treatments Are Provided by the Clovis Dental Office?

The Clovis dental office has various treatments to correct multiple dental problems currently disallowing you from smiling. Let us provide a few examples to convince you how the dental office improves the appearance of your teeth and smile with the treatments they provide.

Fixing Chipped or Broken Teeth

Fixing chipped or broken teeth is a routine treatment offered by the dentist near me. When you visit the dental office for your initial consultation, the dentist evaluates the chips and cracks on your teeth to either recommend dental bonding for minor imperfections or dental veneers for significant problems.

If you are affected by minor issues, you can have them fixed by undergoing the dental bonding procedure completed in one visit to the practice unless you want several teeth bonded or cavities fixed during the treatment. Dental bonding is an affordable procedure costing merely $ 300-$ 600 per tooth and needing no local anesthesia unless you also want cavities fixed.

On the other hand, if significant damages affect your teeth, the dentist recommends dental veneers as a suitable method of correcting the imperfections. Unfortunately, dental veneers are significantly expensive and require two to three visits to the office before you can have custom-created veneers bonded to your teeth to display the smile you constantly desired eventually. Despite their higher expense, dental veneers end up giving you the Hollywood smile you will proudly show off.

Teeth Straightening Treatments

If you have crooked and malformed teeth, the dental office in Clovis provides you also want to treatments to straighten them and overcome challenges you encounter by maintaining excellent dental hygiene. If you are fearful of traditional orthodontic treatments, the dentist provides you a discreet alternative to straighten your teeth invisibly by having clear braces without metal wires in your mouth to deliver faster results. Besides giving you straighter teeth and enabling you to have a beautiful smile, orthodontic treatments also provide freedom to maintain excellent dental hygiene and free yourself up from frequent dental appointments for treatments concerning tooth decay and gum disease.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Suppose you have lost several teeth or merely a couple and are prevented from smiling because you cannot display the gaps in your mouth; cosmetic dentistry has a solution to overcome this problem. If you need replacements for a couple of teeth, the dentist might offer dental bridges as suitable replacement options. Unfortunately, if most of your teeth are missing or damaged due to decay, the dentist provides a solution allowing you to replace your missing teeth in a day using all on four or six dental implants while also giving you additional teeth over the implants immediately after the procedure.

Cosmetic dentistry professionals have solutions to any dental issue you face that is preventing you from smiling. Some treatments from cosmetic dentistry are indeed superficial, but the rest remain in your mouth for a decade or longer so long as you maintain your dental health excellently by brushing twice, flossing once, and visiting dentists for regular exams and cleanings at six-month intervals. Therefore you must express confidence in the cosmetic dentist’s ability to change your smile by improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.