10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a General Dentistry

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a General Dentistry
May 1, 2023

What Is General Dentistry?

It is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of oral health issues. General dentists are the primary care providers for oral health and are responsible for performing routine dental check-ups, cleanings, and other preventive care measures. They should also diagnose and treat common dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay.

​Things to Consider While Choosing General Dentistry

Some of the questions you should be asking when making such a decision are:

  1. What services does the general dentistry practice offer? You need to find a dental office with all these services you need. The last thing you need is to walk in and out of different dental clinics for alternative treatments.
  2. What are the qualifications and experience of the dentist(s) in the practice? The expertise of a general dentist in Clovis, CA, can make a difference between an enjoyable and successful treatment and a traumatic one.
  3. What are the office hours and location of the practice? Convenience and flexibility should be a big aspect of consideration when making such decisions. Finds a dental practice with flexible office hours, particularly if you have a busy work life. It wouldn’t hurt to have a general dentist who opens on weekends. Further, consider proximity to your work and home so that distance does not add to the factors that limit you from seeking dental care.
  4. Does the practice accept your dental insurance? Some dental insurances are not versatile enough or universal. Therefore, ask beforehand that your general dentist accepts your specific insurance before starting any treatment.
  5. What are the costs of the services, and what payment options are available? Payment plans are crucial because dental care can be expensive. Find a dentist who allows flexible payment plans, with or without dental insurance.
  6. Does the practice offer emergency dental services? Before you make any dental office in Clovis, CA, your home for oral care, ensure they offer emergency dental services. They cater to your urgent dental needs that cannot wait for a later appointment.
  7. How does the practice handle patient comfort and anxiety during procedures? Although the priority is often to treat underlying oral problems, you cannot underplay your comfort. Find out whether the dentist employs sedation dentistry and local anesthesia before treatments.
  8. What is the process for scheduling appointments and cancelations? It is not worth it if you have to wait in line for hours or days. Also, find a dental office with flexible cancelations for dental treatments.
  9. What do previous patients say about their experience with the practice? Are there any online reviews or testimonials available? Do not be the first patient in general dentistry near you. Instead, the dentist should have a proven track record of working with other patients before you. Consider what other patients say about their experience in that dental clinic.
  10. Do I feel safe in this environment? There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe and comfortable around your dentist. Review the dental space beforehand to realize that you will feel at ease around the other staff and your dentist.

​How to Choose the Right General Dentist in Clovis, CA?

Stay vigilant when deciding on the right general dentist at Valley Dental & Orthodontics to attend to your oral needs.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the right general dentist are:

  1. Ask for recommendations: Ask friends, family, and co-workers for referrals for the best general dentist in Clovis, CA. It can give you a good starting point and help you narrow down your options.
  2. Research online: Look online for popular dentists within Clovis, CA, and read reviews and testimonials about them.
  3. Check qualifications and experience: Find a dentist with the necessary qualifications and experience to provide the services you need. Check their education, certifications, and experience to ensure they are qualified to provide relevant care.
  4. Consider their office hours: Choose a dentist who has office hours that work with your schedule.
  5. Schedule a consultation: It will allow you to meet the dentist in person, ask questions, and get a sense of their approach to care. While in there, consider how comfortable you feel with the dentist and their staff. Does your dentist listen to your concerns? Does (s)he take the time to explain procedures and answer your questions?